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It’s Really Hot

August 4, 2012

They’re saying it may actually hit 100 degrees here in Portland today.  No, thank you.  The heat and the fact that I have a running-induced stress fracture are gong to keep me home bound this weekend.  Sounds worse than it is, considering how much time I can kill/fill (half empty/half full) with crafting, blogging, and pinteresting (copyright, me, just now).

So, I think I’ll hide in my cave and do some bloggin’.  And while I’m bloggin’, I’m taking a little trip back to the 80s by listening to early REM.  Remember how awesome REM was back then?

Oh, Michael’s lips!  And hair!  Remember You Are the Everything . . . 

. . . She is so beautiful, She is so young and old

I look at her and I see the beauty of the light of music

The voices talking somewhere in the house late spring

And you’re drifting of to sleep with your teeth in your mouth

You are here with me, you are here with me

You have been here, and you are everything . . .

I don’t know what it means, but it’s stunning.  I think that’s really the definition of poetry – it’s a higher language that doesn’t have to be remotely literal.  It just transmits sensation and emotion directly to your brain – no translation required.

Anyway, back to handmade themes . . .

My birthday was in July, and after some very effective hint dropping, Mr. Old Soul rose to the occasion with some lovely prezzies:

Clearly, I have caught the geometric fashion bug that is so trendy these days.
Oh, and I went ahead and bought myself this:
I’ve killed an air plant before, but I’m bound and determined to nurture Harry, here.  We’ll have a long and happy life together.  Either that, or I’ll kill him, toss him, and get a little gnome or yoda or something to stick in the terrarium.  It’s good to have a Plan B.
There’s been just enough activity on Lemon Street lately to keep me inspired and not overly stressed about trying to make, ship, inventory, communicate, etc. in my spare time!  In fact, I just made a quick trip to one of my favorite bead shops here in town and was inspired to create a new delicate little bracelet that I now love:
The rough pyrite is just showy enough to satisfy my appreciation for eye candy, but it’s small and delicate and so it doesn’t overwhelm.  The muted gold beautifully sets off the blue and purple flashes in the pyrite.  I’ll be using these little beauties again . . .
Until next time!

Christmas in July on Lemon Street!

July 21, 2012

Celebrate Christmas in July (and my birthday) by taking advantage of free domestic shipping on everything at Lemon Street Jewelry through the end of July 2012!